Medication Policy:      Medication must be presented to the director in the original prescription bottle.  Dosage must be clear on the label.  Only the personnel with M.A.T. certification will administer medications.  We must have written authorization.  The director has the form needed.
Illness:  Please keep your child at home when he/she has a fever, diarrhea, rash, vomiting, discharge from the eyes or green gooey discharge from the nose.  Not only is your child contagious, but his resistance is down and he could get sicker.  Children should be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school.  We need up to date emergency numbers.  Call the school if your child is sick.  The school will keep you posted on contagious illnesses going around the school.
Snacks:  Parents provide snacks for the class on a rotating basis.  Nutrional snacks are encouraged.  Foods must come straight from the grocery to us.  Water is served at snack. 
Parental Involvement:  We enjoy having parents share their talents with the class.  We need assistance on field trips and holiday celebrations.  Feel free to help in any way.
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